So these are freaking awesome. I love them, completely and agree with these choices totally. Its shit like this that makes me want to read the Blackest night series, well this and the fact that my bestest of friends loves the series too. Very tempting.

Anyway, the first one is the first draft that the artist did for this picture and the second one is his second attempt. I love both of them completely, and they are done by an artist who is actually pretty popular on tumblr. He does all those really cool mario vs pictures. These is the link to the originals on deviant art. First draft:

Second draft:

He explains his reasons for each of his picks on a link in the original pics, but this is his list in case you don’t feel like reading (lazy asses):

"Red/Hate = Guts
Orange/Avarice = Gollum
Yellow/Fear = Darth Vader
Green/Willpower = Link
Blue/Hope = Superman
Indigo/Compassion = Kenshin
Violet/Love = Jessica Rabbit

I go into full nerdgasm mode explaining my choices in my website.

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